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Health Care
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1. Introduction The computerized and automation activities have become essential operations in day to day activities in Medical Field. Doctors are finding less time to give their comments and prescriptions. This leads to development of Call Centre application and Medical Transcription. This becomes most popular in India, since this work can be handled at home after obtaining lease from major companies. Partners Profile —Dr. Shivshankar Janbandhu: After nearly 4 decades of Medical Services with Central Government, Dr. Janbandhu took VRS few years back and dedicated his retired life in social services. Dr. Janbandhu found the idea of Medical Transcription business in his daugher in law who has already been in the business for over half a decade. Being a Doctor himself, Mr. Janbandhu is well educated for handling the Medical Transcription business. Mr. Hivraj Dobarkar: Mr. Hivraj Dobarkar has been with South Eastern Railways for around four a Divisional Signal and Telecom Engineer. Being an Engineer, Mr. Dobarkar has complete expertise for handling the technical issues for the firm. Hence, Mr. Dobarkar readily agreed when his childhood friend Mr. Janbandhu approached him with the idea of Medical Transcription Business. Being an Engineer, M. Tech, Mr. Dobarkar's daughter in law will also assist Mr. Dobarkar in the business. 2. Industry Scenario The industry which began in India in 1996, reached a major milestone in 2004-2005. Today, around 300 training institutes and companies like Nuance Communications and M*Modal offer medical transcription services in India. A recent report indicated that the medical transcription industry in India is poised to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 4+% and reach US$ 1 billion by 2020. A spurt in demand for well-trained medical transcription professionals has led to an increase in the number of institutes offering courses on medical transcription. The prime reason is that Indians possess a good knowledge of languages and are quick learners of dialects and accents. This aids in efficient interpretation. Another reason is that medical transcription in India is more economical and cost-effective than in most other countries. These in turn have contributed towards the boom of medical transcription firms in India.

Primary Responsibilities:

Experience in recruiting and salary maintenance. Should have worked in Medical Transcription so as to know the system.



Skill set:

  • Candidate Recruitment
  • Payroll
  • Admin